George Reading to Goose

Posted August 24, 2019, By Georg Goldthwaite


Her I am reading Summer At Eagle Mountain, the third book in my Eagle Mountain Adventure Series, to Goose. He's grown so much since we adopted him last year.


Summer At Eagle Mountain is the continuation of the adventures of Alex, Josh and Mickey where they find themselves in yet another life threatening adventure.


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Survival on Mystery Mesa Release Party

Posted March 25, 2018, By Georg Goldthwaite


Saturday was huge! A launch party and book signing for Survival on Mystery Mesa, the first of the Eagle Mountain Adventure Series. I am honored and humbled by the many people who supported Fawkes Press and the Eagle Mountain Team in this endeavor. Door prizes, games for the kids, even actual Anasazi artifacts on display. It was a real hoot.


Special thanks go out to Jodi Thompson, founder of Fawkes Press. No publishing company anywhere supports its authors like she does. She's set up a super team: Emily Hsieh, Marketing Manager, Twyla Beth Lambert, Editor, Lola Skjolsvik, Illustrator, and Eric Dixon, Internet Specialist. All were there to share in the fun.


I'd also like to thank the many members of the DFW Writers' Workshop who spent part of their St. Paddy's Day with us. Without your critiques and suggestions over the years, this book would never have happened. And of course, Carmen Goldthwaite, a respected author who has served as my mentor, showed her support, as well. And other friends, some new and others we've known for decades, came to join in. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


And we had several young people attend and join in to celebrate with us. I have never met a more polite and mature bunch of kids. I am truly impressed!


And of course, I need to thank my wife, Pam. She is my inspiration, my motivator, and at times, yes, an honest critic. But I wouldn't have it any other way.


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Prepping for the Pup

Posted Jan 15, 2018, By Georg Goldthwaite


Pam and I are getting a new puppy. Things are about to change, big time. We now keep our shoes and slippers on the mantel, have stowed anything else that might be chewable as best we can. We've loaded up on doggie toys, snacks, and dog food. But the biggest change will be lifestyle. No more sleeping late, no more extended trips. Little Goose, as we've chosen to name him, will be a top priority.


Our bedroom is upstairs no longer. Because a puppy has little warning before an urge hits, we've moved an extra bed onto our enclosed porch and will be spending nights there. When the need arises, Goose will be outside in a flash. Of course, as I write this, the outside temperature is twelve with a chill factor of minus four. No telling what the temp will be on that porch. We're hoping for a quick warm-up and fair weather for at least the next few weeks.


But it will be worth it. A friend, a companion, unconditional love. One who is always glad to see you. Who never argues, never complains. Sure, there will be rough times, some wear and tear on both our belongings and our nerves. But without the bad, we wouldn't appreciate the good. So send us in, coach. We're ready.


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A New Year

Posted Jan 8, 2018, By Georg Goldthwaite


2018 is shaping up to be quite a year. Next week Pam and I are adopting the great nephew of our beloved Golden Retriever, Moose. In his honor, the little rascal will be named Goose. Of course that means some hectic days and restless nights, but we are very much looking forward to it.


Also, March 17 marks the launch party for my middle grade novel:

Survival on Mystery Mesa


The festivities will take place at the:

TCU Bookstore


March 17th, 2018

2950 West Berry St.

Fort Worth, TX 76109

From 10:30 AM to 12:00


Jodi Thompson, who has to be the greatest publisher in the world to work with, has set everything up and Emily Hsieh, my marketing director, has activities planned for all of the young readers who show up.


Since I grew up not far from the TCU Bookstore and attended elementary through high school right down the street, it will be like going home. I am truly looking forward to it.


Please come by the TCU Bookstore and help us celebrate.


I looking forward to seeing you
at the book launch party,


Why The Bugler?

Posted Nov 15, 2017, By Georg Goldthwaite

trumpetAndSuiteModified_256Several years ago I volunteered to help teach the brass section for beginning band students at our small-town elementary school. During that time, a local World War II veteran passed away and although the nearby Naval Reserve Unit would provide an honor guard, they had no bugler. I felt privileged when asked to play Taps for the ceremony, but honoring a veteran brings a solemn obligation to do the best I could. Having not played in several months, I had only two days to get my lips in shape, which in itself was stressful.


At the ceremony, many emotions tore through me, from sharing the family's loss to the responsibility of playing perfectly. I wondered how a person in his early teens, an age so subject to peer pressure, would react. The result is my short story, The Bugler. I tried to give Josh the same emotions, the same fears, and the same sense of honor I felt so many years ago.


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George Goldthwaite