Who Is George Goldthwaite?

George CampingGeorge Goldthwaite grew up in Fort Worth, Texas with an older sister and two younger brothers. Every weekend was spent at nearby Eagle Mountain Lake where he developed a love for all things nautical. In pursuit of a childhood dream for a life on the water, he attended the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

After graduation in 1972, he went on to serve aboard a WWII era destroyer and then to flight school. He earned his wings in 1974 and flew A-6 Intruders off the carrier USS Ranger, later instructing in Pensacola, Florida. He left the Service in 1979 to become a pilot for Delta Airlines.

George At Mesa VerdeFrom his perch miles above the highest mountains, George thought about how our ancestors, those who a mere century before, struggled for months to travel the same expanses which he now crossed in only a few hours. He wondered about the men, women and children who clashed with hostile natives and ruthless outlaws in order to provide for their families and make a better life for themselves. In the process, they built the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Along the way, he developed a love for the great outdoors, a quest for the ability to survive with whatever materials available. After twenty-five-years of flying passengers across the nation's skies, George retired and now pursues his passion of writing books about the West, as well as ones that encourage young readers to use their knowledge and imagination to work through problems.

George On PortchIn his Graham Ranch Legacy Series, fictitious characters like John Graham and Sam Rache interact with actual historical figures from the American West. George captures the passion, heartbreak, and struggles the people from the late nineteenth century experienced during an era when a man was expected to stand on his own two feet, fight his own battles, and defend a lady's honor at any cost.

In his Eagle Mountain Adventurer Series, a modern day group of early teen and pre-teen boys and girls must survive in the wilderness, escape from kidnappers, elude grave robbers, and overcome adult biases against kids having the intelligence to solve difficult problems. The kids must use all of their wits and various skills to endure the circumstances thrust upon them.

George On AtvGeorge is a member and former First Vice President of the DFW Writers' Workshop, where authors help each other improve their writing skills. He is the father of three sons, all pilots. One now serves in the Navy, another in the Air Force, and the third is a former Air Force pilot flying for a major airline. George resides not far from his hometown of Fort Worth with his wife Pam and golden retriever Goose, living a Texas-style version of the old West, maintaining a rural home in north Texas and a hunting ranch in Mills County.